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The Pathways: program is designed for high school juniors and seniors to explore and learn about higher education institutions and alternative career pathways within their state.

The Pathways: program recognize there are many pathways to success, including college, trade and vocational programs, workforce development and many more options! Through the Pathways: program we explore all of these amazing pathways with students.

Due to a multitude of obstacles – many of these students who participate in this program believe that success is unattainable. The initial job of Pathways: is to exemplify that they can be successful. The program focuses on the philosophy of education combined with options and desire results in success. The Pathways: program is there to identify the potential pitfalls students can expect along the way; and our student ambassadors will share personal stories of overcoming adversity and the endless opportunities offered to them. They will stress the importance of receiving a high school diploma and continuing forward down whatever pathway is right for them! 


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