Day in the Life is a program created to offer a unique and individualized experience for high school students to experience a typical day in the life of a college student. This program is hosted on college campuses across the Midwestern region.

The Midwest Alliance believes that all students can be transformative leaders - in their schools, in their communities, and across the globe - and know that you believe your students can lead too! That's what the Midwest Student Leadership Conference is all about, we’re out to help your students believe the same! 

This year’s theme at SLC—“I Am A Leader”—will inspire your students to serve willingly, dream boldly, and lead confidently.

Midwest Buddies offers high school students the opportunity to interact with college students and community leaders, who will help assist them in the college exploration and leadership development processes. The program pairs ninth graders from select Midwestern high schools with undergraduate student mentors attending nearby colleges/universities.

Pathways: recognize there are many pathways to success, including college, trade and vocational programs, workforce development and many more options! Through the Pathways: program we explore all of these amazing pathways with students.