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EMPOWERING students to dream bigger & reach HIGHER



The Midwest Buddies Program (MBP)  pairs ninth graders from select midwestern high schools with undergraduate student mentors attending nearby colleges/universities.

Midwest Buddies Program offers high school students the opportunity to interact with college students and community leaders, who will help assist them in the college exploration and leadership development processes.

Mentors will have constant contact with their protégé throughout their high school career, and hopefully far beyond. Mentors will act as a driving force behind their protégé by being there to guide them through high school and help them apply for college. They . Mentors are expected to have a minimum of two contacts with their protégé, per month (one phone call and one direct). We ask that mentors be creative in the development of their relationship with their protégé, and understanding of the protégé’s background. Most, college student mentors and high school protégés will graduate at the same time.  

    Using this multiple mentor strategy allows both, the high school and college, students to benefit from the program and gain a mentor. While the college student will serve as a mentor to the high school student, the community leader will serve as a mentor to both students. 

    Program Goals:

    • Provide motivation for higher education and increase college knowledge, access, and success among midwestern students
    • Develop and maintain meaningful relationships
    • Provide experiential learning opportunities
    • Empower students to dream bigger
    • Increase civic and community engagement


    Midwest Buddies Program seeks to provide extraordinary experiences, to empower and motivate midwestern high school and college students to challenge themselves to continuously improve, become civically engaged in their communities and succeed in their academic pursuits.


    protégéa person who is guided and supported by an older and more experienced or influential person.