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Invest in the Midwest

Your gift to the Midwest Alliance is an investment in our communities, students, future leaders, and our potential. By supporting the Alliance, supporters and partners can help us secure unprecedented educational opportunities for future generations of students and meet the enormous challenges we face as a region. With your support, we will sustain an enduring legacy of scholarship, service and Midwestern pride.

With your support, the Midwest Alliance will be able to bring a wider spectrum of opportunities to our region — and consequently offer more solutions to regional, national, and global problems.


Donate now - Our community need your help now! Your support is critical to improve the future of the Midwest!


Donate monthly - Setting up a recurring donation is the best way to support the needs of our region!


Buy an Inspired Gift - Celebrating a birthday, graduation, or special day? Give the gift that keeps on giving!


Sponsor a student - Help ensure all Midwestern students can benefit from our programming - sponsor a student to attend the Midwest Student Leadership Conference (MSLC)!


Connect and share - Your support is critical to our success. Help us reach more Midwestern communities, connect with us and share our information on your favorite social media platforms!


Leave a legacy - Make your mark on the region! A gift in your will can make a huge difference.                                              


High impact donations - To support communities across the Midwest, we depend on the support and generosity of philanthropic individuals like you!                  


Why support the Midwest Alliance - By supporting the Midwest Alliance, you are supporting communities across our region, to ensure the Midwest remains a thriving region for everyone!