The Midwest Alliance believes that all students can be transformative leaders - in their schools, in their communities, and across the globe - and know that you believe your students can lead too! That's what the Midwest Student Leadership Conference is all about, we’re out to help your students believe the same!

Bring your students and have them be challenged to lead through inspiring and powerful messages as well as hands-on, student-driven activities.

Our hope is that students will take the knowledge and experiences they learned during the conference and put them into practice immediately, in their home communities. 

Through the conference, student leaders will be developing skills that will enable them to effectively lead their peers at school and advocate for change. By targeting specific topics, each student leader will learn how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with teammates, coaches/adult leaders and officials. They will learn conflict resolution techniques and how to be better communicators with their peers and adults.

Another pertinent topic is social media. The student ambassadors will learn how to establish a positive electronic identity with social media and how to repair and rejuvenate a digital presence that does not truly reflect who they represent.

Our young leaders will also learn the value of perspective and inclusion. 

The cost of the Midwest Student Leadership Conference is free. Students are responsible for transportation to and from the regional bus departure sites. Boarding, materials, meals, local programming and local transportation will be provided by the Midwest Alliance.

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This year’s theme at SLC—“I Am A Leader”—will inspire your students to serve willingly, dream boldly, and lead confidently.

Host Institutions:

  • 2019 - TBA
Cultivating our next generation of leaders